2017 Melbourne Cup: full nominations list

The 2017 Melbourne Cup will be raced on Tuesday, November 7 at 3pm (AEST).

While the final starting field will be 24 horses, the first nominations list has been announced at 140 horses. This is increased from 124 last year, while there are 31 from overseas, which is exactly the same as last year.

Order of entry is yet to be declared, however, they are expected to come in the following weeks and will be updated here as they come to hand.

Weight handicaps have now been added below.

Full 2017 Melbourne Cup nominations list

No. Horse Country Trainer Weight
1 Abbey Marie Australia Michael Kent 51.5kg
2 Admiral Jello Australia Kris Lees 50kg
3 Admire Deus Japan Darren Weir 56kg
4 Albert Japan Noriyuki Hori 55.5kg
5 Almandin Germany Robert Hickmott 56.5kg
6 Aloft Ireland Robert Hickmott 51.5kg
7 Alward Ireland Chris Waller 50kg
8 Amelie’s Star Australia Darren Weir 51kg
9 Amralah Ireland Robert Hickmott 52kg
10 Ana Royale Australia Stuart Webb 50kg
11 Anaheim Australia Trent Busuttin and Natalie Young 50kg
12 Annus Mirabilis Ireland Stuart Webb 52.5kg
13 Antonio Giuseppe New Zealand Chris Waller 52.5kg
14 Apilobar France Markus and Stephanie Nige 52.5kg
15 Assign Ireland Robert Hickmott 53kg
16 Auvray France Richard Freedman 50kg
17 Barsanti Ireland Roger Varian 55kg
18 Berisha Australia Robert Smerdon 50.5kg
19 Big Duke Ireland Darren Weir 53.5kg
20 Bondi Beach Ireland Robert Hickmott 54kg
21 Bonneval New Zealand Murray Baker and Andrew Foresman 52.5kg
22 Boom Time Australia David and B Hayes and T Dabernig 52kg
23 Broadside New Zealand Gai Waterhouse and Adrian Bott 50kg
24 Chance to Dance Ireland Stephen Autridge and Jamie Richards 51.5kg
25 Charles Roar Australia Lance O’Sullivan and Andrew Scott 50kg
26 Charlevoix Australia David and B Hayes and T Dabernig 50kg
27 Chocante New Zealand Stephen Marsh 53kg
28 Cismontane New Zealand Gai Waterhouse and Adrian Bott 50kg
29 Comin’ Through Australia Chris Waller 50kg
30 Cool Chap Australia David and B Hayes and T Dabernig 50kg
31 Crocodile Rock Ireland Robert Hickmott 50kg
32 Dal Harraild Great Britain William Haggas 53.5kg
33 Darabad France Robbie Laing 50kg
34 Dee I Cee New Zealand Gai Waterhouse and Adrian Bott 50.5kg
35 Don Doremo New Zealand Robbie Laing 50kg
36 Dylan Mouth Ireland Marco Botti 53.5kg
37 Egg Tart Australia Chris Waller 51.5kg
38 Etymology Australia James Cummings 50kg
39 Eureka Street Australia Robert Smerdon 50kg
40 Fanatic New Zealand David and B Hayes and T Dabernig 50kg
41 Firenze Australia Trent Busuttin and Natalie Young 50kg
42 Foundation Ireland David and B Hayes and T Dabernig 50.5kg
43 Foundry Ireland Robert Hickmott 50kg
44 Francis of Assisi Ireland Charlie Appleby 54kg
45 Gailo Chop France Darren Weir 55.5kg
46 Gallante Ireland Robert Hickmott 53kg
47 Gallic Chieftain France Darren Weir 50kg
48 Gauguin New Zealand John Sargent 50kg
49 Gingernuts New Zealand Stephen Autridge and Jamie Richards 55kg
50 Grey Lion Ireland Matt Cumani 50kg
51 Guardini France Darren Weir 53kg
52 Hans Holbrien Great Britain Robert Hickmott 50kg
53 Harlem Great Britain David and B Hayes and T Dabernig 51kg
54 Harlow Gold New Zealand David and B Hayes and T Dabernig 50kg
55 Harper’s Choice Australia Gerald Ryan 52.5kg
56 Harriso Great Britain Mark Channon 50.5kg
57 Hartnell Great Britain James Cummings 57.5kg
58 Heavens Above Australia Tim Martin 51kg
59 He’s our Rokki New Zealand David and B Hayes and T Dabernig 54kg
60 Humidor New Zealand Darren Weir 56kg
61 Imposing Lass New Zealand Bjorn Baker 50kg
62 Inference Australia Michael, Wayne and John Hawkes 53.5kg
63 Johannes Vermeer Ireland Aidan O’Brien 54.5kg
64 Jon Snow New Zealand Murray Baker and Andrew Foresman 54.5kg
65 Kellstorm Ireland Darren Weir 50kg
66 Khezerabad France Aaron Purcell 50kg
67 Kidmenever Ireland Charlie Appleby 50.5kg
68 Kilimanjaro Ireland Robert Hickmott 50kg
69 Kinema Ireland Chris Waller 50kg
70 Lasqueti Spirit Australia Lee Curtis 51kg
71 Libran Ireland Chris Waller 53kg
72 Life Less Ordinary Ireland Chris Waller 50kg
73 Lizzie L’amour New Zealand Murray Baker and Andrew Foresman 51.5kg
74 Lord Fandango Germany Archie Alexander 50kg
75 Lord Van Percy Great Britain Darren Weir 50kg
76 Loresho France Darren Weir 50kg
77 Magicool Australia Tony Romeo 50kg
78 Manapine Australia Nigel Blackiston 50kg
79 Marmelo Great Britain Hughie Morrison 55kg
80 Master Zephyr Great Britain Darren Weir 50kg
81 Max Dynamite France William Mullins 54kg
82 Megablast New Zealand Nigel Tiley 50kg
83 Montoya’s Secret Australia Leon and Troy Corstens 50.5kg
84 Nakeeta Great Britain Iain Jardine 53kg
85 Natual Secenery Great Britain Saeed Bin Suroor 51kg
86 Night’s Watch New Zealand Darren Weir 50kg
87 Oncidium Ruler Australia Michael Kent 50kg
88 Order of St George Ireland Aidan O’Brien 58kg
89 Our Century Ireland Robert Hickmott 50kg
90 Pacodali Ireland Darren Weir 51kg
91 Pengali Pavilion USA Charlie Appleby 50kg
92 Pentathlon New Zealand John Wheeler 50.5kg
93 Prince Cheri France David Vandyke 50kg
94 Prize Money Great Britain Saeed Bin Suroor 55kg
95 Qewy Ireland Charlie Appleby 53kg
96 Raw Impulse Great Britain Darren Weir 50kg
97 Red Cardinal Ireland Andreas Wohler 55kg
98 Red Galileo Great Britain Saeed Bin Suroor 50.5kg
99 Red Verdon USA Ed Dunlop 53kg
100 Regal Monarch Great Britain Chris Waller 50kg
101 Rekindling Great Britain Joseph O’Brien 51.5kg
102 Risque New Zealand David and B Hayes and T Dabernig 50kg
103 Rock On New Zealand Gary Vile 50kg
104 Roman Son Australia Anthony and Edwards Cummings 50kg
105 Samovare Australia David and B Hayes and T Dabernig 50kg
106 Sarrasin Great Britain Chris Waller 50.5kg
107 Sayed USA Chris Waller 50kg
108 Seaburge Australia David and B Hayes and T Dabernig 52.5kg
109 Sense of Occasion Australia Kris Lees 55.5kg
110 Settler’s Stone Australia Troy Blacker 50kg
111 Singing France Kris Lees 50kg
112 Single Gaze Australia Nick Olive 53kg
113 Sir Isaac Newton Great Britain Robert Hickmott 54kg
114 Sixties Groove Ireland Andreas Wohler 50kg
115 St Michel Great Britain Sir Mark Prescott 54kg
116 Stampede Australia Gai Waterhouse and Adrian Bott 53kg
117 Star Exhibit Australia Darren Weir 54kg
118 Super Haze Ireland Troy McEvoy 50kg
119 Sweet Selection Great Britain Hughie Morrison 50.5kg
120 Taikomochi Australia Gai Waterhouse and Adrian Bott 50kg
121 Tally Australia James Cummings 54kg
122 Tavago New Zealand Trent Busuttin and Natalie Young 55kg
123 Thomas Hobson Great Britain William Mullins 52kg
124 Tiberian France Alain Couetli 55.5kg
125 Time to Best Australia Tony McEvoy 50kg
126 Tom Melbourne Ireland Chris Waller 51.5kg
127 Transwer Allowance Australia Peter Roche 50kg
128 Travelling Man Great Britain Freddy Head 53kg
129 Up ‘N’ Rolling New Zealand Chris Waller 50kg
130 US Army Ranger Ireland Aidan O’Brien 53.5kg
131 Vengeur Masque Ireland Michael Moroney 50kg
132 Ventura Storm Ireland David and B Hayes and T Dabernig 52kg
133 Volatile MIX New Zealand Darren Weir 50kg
134 Wall of Fire Ireland Hugo Palmer 53kg
135 Wheal Leisure Australia Archie Alexander 50kg
136 Who Shot the Barman New Zealand Chris Waller 54kg
137 Wicklow Brave Great Britain William Mullins 54kg
138 Winning Story Great Britain Saeed Bin Suroor 51kg
139 Yankee Rose Australia David Vandyke 52kg
140 Yogi New Zealand Darren Weir 50kg

This is the full timeline for 2017 race announcements.

First Nominations – Tuesday, August 29 – announced
Late Nominations – Tuesday, September 5 – announced
Handicaps Declared – Tuesday, September 12 – announced
First Declarations – Tuesday, October 10
Second Declarations – Monday, October 30
Final Declarations – Saturday, November 4

We will update this page with more information as it comes to hand.

2016 Results

The 2016 Melbourne Cup was won by Almandin on Tuesday, November 1 at 3pm (AEDT), beating out the other 23 horses in the field, including runner-up Heartbreak City by a nose.

While a massive pack formed heading into the final straight, it was Heartbreak City who was looking the goods, only for Almandin to loom up on the outside to storm home and take the Melbourne Cup in a tight finish in a finishing time of 3:20:58.

Hartnell, who had been the favourite heading into the race, finished in third, four and a half lengths off the lead, followed by Qewy a further two lengths behind.

The dubious honour of bringing up the lead went to Rose of Virginia, who finished last a hefty 99.9 lengths behind Almandin.

Melbourne Cup 2016

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2016 Melbourne Cup final field & finishing order

Place Horse Barrier Jockey Age Trainer Weight Odds Margin
1 Almandin 17 Kerrin McEvoy 7 Robert Hickmott 52kg $10.00 03:20:58
2 Heartbreak City 23 Joao Moreira 7 Tony Martin 54kg $19.00 0.2L
3 Hartnell 12 James McDonald 6 John O’Shea 56kg $5.50 4.45L
4 Qewy 15 Craig Williams 7 Charlie Appleby 51.5kg $29.00 6.7L
5 Who Shot Thebarman 20 Hugh Bowman 8 Chris Waller 56kg $34.00 6.8L
6 Almoonqith 19 Michael Walker 7 David & B Hayes & T Dabernig 54.5kg $34.00 6.9L
7 Beautiful Romance 1 Damian Lane 5 Saeed Bin Suroor 52.5kg $67.00 7.9L
8 Exospheric 13 Damien Oliver 5 Lee & Anthony Freedman 56kg $21.00 8.65L
9 Pentathlon 4 Mark Du Plessis 5 John Wheeler 51.5kg $126.00 9.4L
10 Big Orange 7 Jamie Spencer 6 Michael Bell 57kg $13.00 9.5L
11 Grand Marshal 9 Ben Melham 7 Chris Waller 54.5kg $31.00 9.8L
12 Oceanographer 11 Chad Schofield 5 Charlie Appleby 52kg $9.00 10L
13 Bondi Beach 5 Ryan Moore 5 Aidan O’Brien 56kg $10.00 10.75L
14 Grey Lion 16 Glen Boss 5 Matt Cumani 52kg $61.00 13.75L
15 Jameka 3 Nicholas Hall 4 Ciaron Maher 54.5kg $8.00 13.95L
16 Excess Knowledge 21 Vlad Duric 7 Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott 53.5kg $67.00 15.7L
17 Our Ivanhowe 6 Dwayne Dunn 7 Lee & Anthony Freedman 57kg $41.00 15.8L
18 Sir John Hawkwood 14 Blake Spriggs 8 John P Thompson 54kg $67.00 20.8L
19 Assign 22 Katelyn Mallyon 6 Robert Hickmott 52kg $71.00 20.9L
20 Gallante 2 Blake Shinn 6 Robert Hickmott 54.5kg $51.00 22.15L
21 Secret Number 10 Stephen Baster 7 Saeed Bin Suroor 52kg $31.00 22.35L
22 Wicklow Brave 24 Frankie Dettori 8 William Mullins 56kg $16.00 24.35L
23 Curren Mirotic 18 Tommy Berry 9 Osamu Hirata 56.5kg $51.00 27.35L
24 Rose Of Virginia 8 Ben E Thompson 7 Lee & Shannon Hope 51.5kg $101.00 99.9L

Odds were correct as of 1:45pm (AEDT), November 1

Last updated: 13 September, 2017