NBL teams and depth charts 2016-17

The Perth Wildcats will be looking to defend their NBL championship crown, but who is playing for your team and what are the depth charts looking like? This is The Roar‘s ultimate guide to the NBL rosters for the 2016-17 season.


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Adelaide 36ers


The Adelaide 36ers are one of the longer standing clubs in the NBL, having been in the competition since 1983 and winning four championships during their tenure. Last season, they just missed out on the finals despite Jerome Randle’s best efforts. He will be back and hoping to lead the 36ers into the finals this time around, with college phenomenon Terrance Ferguson joining the team.

Matt Hodgson, Jerome Randle (import), Terrance Ferguson (import), Brenan Teys, Eric Jacobsen (import), Majok Deng, Adam Doyle, Nathan Sobey, Daniel Johnson, Anthony Drmic, Mitch Creek (captain), Nelson Larkins (development), Sam Johns (development), Tyson Hoffman (Development)
Coach: Joey Wright

Ins: Anthony Drmic, Terrance Ferguson, Eric Jacobsen, Majok Deng, Adam Doyle
Outs: Adam Gibson, Ebi Ere, Anthony Petrie, Lucas Walker, Daniel Carlin
Retained: Matt Hodgson, Jerome Randle, Brendan Teys, Nathan Sobey, Daniel Johnson, Mitch Creek

Depth Chart

Starter Interchange 1 Interchange 2
Point guard Jerome Randle Brendan Teys Adam Doyle
Shooting guard Nathan Sobey Terrance Ferguson
Small forward Mitch Creek Anthony Drmic
Power forward Majok Deng Eric Jacobsen
Centre Daniel Johnson Matt Hodgson

New Zealand Breakers


The Breakers have won four of the last six NBL championships and been incredibly consistent at the top of the league during that time. Last season, they lost the grand final to the Perth Wildcats.

Finn Delany, Shea Ili, Kirk Penney, Derone Raukawa (development), Corey Webster, Thomas Abercrombie, Ben Woodside (import), Ethan Rusbatch (development), Mika Vukona (captain), Robert Loe, Jordan Ngatai, Alex Pledger, Isaih Tueta, Akil Mitchell (import), Sam Waardenburg (development)
Coach: Paul Henare

Ins: Kirk Penney, Derone Raukawa, Ben Woodside, Ethan Rusbatch, Robert Loe, Isaih Tueta, Akil Mitchell, Sam Waardenburg
Outs: Cedric Jackson, Charles Jackson, Reuben Te Rangi, Duane Bailey, Tai Wesley, Everard Bartlett, Shane McDonald
Retained: Finn Delany, Shea Ili, Corey Webster, Thomas Abercrombie, Mika Vukona, Jordan Ngatai, Alex Pledger

Likely depth chart

Starter Interchange 1 Interchange 2
Point guard Ben Woodside Shea Ili Derone Raukawa
Shooting guard Kirk Penney Corey Webster Isaih Tueta
Small forward Thomas Abercrombie Finn Delaney Sam Waardenburg
Power forward Mika Vukona Akil Mitchell Jordan Ngatai
Centre Robert Loe Alex Pledger

Brisbane Bullets


The Brisbane Bullets have finally made their return to the competition. After financial difficulties forced the Brisbane-based club out at the end of the 2008-09 season, they return in 2016-17 with a strong squad and chasing instant success. The Bullets had won three championships before they were forced out of the league.

Jermaine Beal (import), Adam Gibson, Torrey Craig (import), Mitchell Young, Shaun Bruce, Tom Jervis, Daniel Kickert, Matt Kenyon, Anthony Petrie, Reuben Te Rangi, Cameron Bairstow, Jarryd Bairstow (development)
Coach: Andrej Lemanis

In: The whole squad.
Out: Nobody.

Depth Chart

Starter Interchange 1 Interchange 2
Point guard Jermaine Beal Shaun Bruce
Shooting guard Adam Gibson Matt Kenyon
Small forward Torrey Craig Reuben Te Rangi
Power forward Cameron Bairstow Anthony Petrie
Centre Daniel Kickert Tom Jervis Mitchell Young

Illawarra Hawks


The Hawks, despite facing financial troubles before the start of the 2015-16 season found a way to build a squad and fight hard all season long to make the finals, before going down to the Perth Wildcats in the semi-finals. They have built a strong and youthful squad for the season, with former league MVP Rotnei Clarke making his return.

Kevin White, AJ Ogilvy, Oscar Forman, Mitch Norton, Nick Kay, Rhys Martin, Tim Coenraad, Cody Ellis, Rotnei Clarke (import), Marvelle Harris (import), Michael Hollyfield (import)
Coach: Rob Beveridge

Ins: Mitch Norton, Nick Kay, Rotnei Clarke, Marvelle Harris, Michael Hollyfield
Outs: Kirk Penney, Jarrad Weeks, Larry Davidson, Like Jamieson, Kevin Lisch
Retained: Kevin White, AJ Ogilvy, Oscar Forman, Rhys Martin, Tim Coenraad, Cody Ellis

Likely depth chart

Starter Interchange 1 Interchange 2
Point guard Marvelle Harris Rhys Martin
Shooting guard Rotnei Clarke Mitch Norton
Small forward Tim Coenraad Cody Ellis
Power forward Oscar Forman Kevin White Nick Kay
Centre AJ Ogilvy Michael Holyfield

Sydney Kings


The Kings finished with the wooden spoon last season, but a change of ownership, arena, coach and roster should bring about much more success for the harbour city club this season. Last year’s MVP Kevin Lisch has been signed, while Australian legend Andrew Gaze will coach the club.

Jason Cadee, Julian Kazzouh, Brad Newley, Kevin Lisch, Tom Garlepp (captain), Jeromie Hill, Josh Powell (import), Darcy Harding (development player), Bo Liu (development player), Aleks Maric, Greg Whittington (import), Craig Moller, Dion Prewster, Steve Blake (import)
Coach: Andrew Gaze

In: Brad Newley, Kevin Lisch, Michael Byrson, Darcy Harding, Bo Liu, Aleks Maric, Josh Powell, Greg Whittington, Steve Blake
Out: Indiana Faithfull, Steven Markovic, Marcus Thornton, Josh Childress, Rhys Carter, Dion Prewster, Angus Brandt
Retained: Jason Cadee, Julian Kazzouh, Tom Garlepp, Jeromie Hill, Craig Moller, Dion Prewster

Depth Chart

Starter Interchange 1 Interchange 2
Point guard Kevin Lisch Steve Blake
Shooting guard Jason Cadee Dion Prewster
Small forward Brad Newley Tom Garlepp Darcy Harding
Power forward Greg Whittington Josh Powell Jeromie Hill
Centre Alexs Maric Julian Kazzouh Bo Liu

Cairns Taipans


The Cairns Taipans haven’t been in the NBL finals for a few seasons now, although they went close in 2015-16, just missing out. They have balanced squad for the season ahead, but might struggle to do anything of greatness.

Travis Trice (import), Jarrad Weeks, Anthony Fisher (development), Cameron Gliddon, Damon Heuir, Mitch McCarron, Stephen Weigh, Mark Worthington, Ashley Constable (development), Fuquan Edwin (import), Alex Loughton, Tevin Jackson (development), Nate Jawai, Nnanna Egwu (import)

Ins: Travis Trice, Jarrad Weeks, Anthony Fisher, Mitch McCarron, Ashley Constable, Fuquan Edwin, Tevin Jackson, Nate Jawai, Nnanna Egwu
Outs: Markel Starks, Torrey Craig, Matt Burston, Shaun Bruce, Cameron Tragardh, Jack White
Retained: Cameron Gliddon, Damon Heuir, Stephen Weigh, Mark Worthington, Alex Loughton

Depth Chart

Starter Interchange 1 Interchange 2
Point guard Travis Trice Jarrad Weeks Anthony Fisher
Shooting guard Cameron Gliddon Damon Heuir Mitch McCarron
Small forward Stephen Weigh Mark Worthington Ashley Constable
Power forward Fuquan Edwin Alex Loughton Tevin Jackson
Centre Nate Jawai Nnanna Egwu

Melbourne United

The Melbourne-based club were the minor premiers last season, but ultimately would be bundled out of the competition by the New Zealand Breakers in straight sets during the semi-finals. They have improved their squad for this season though, signing Cedric Jackson and it’s difficult to not see them making the finals and going a step further.

Nate Tomlinson, Kyle Adnam (development), Todd Blanchfield (captain), Tohi Smith-Milner (development), Owen Odigie, David Barlow, Majok Majok, Chris Goulding, David Andersen, Ramone Moore (import), Tai Wesley, Devin Williams (import), Casper Ware (import)
Coach: Dean Demopoulos

Ins: David Barlow, David Andersen Cedric Jackson, Ramone Moore, Tai Wesley, Devin Williams
Outs: Stephen Holt, Daniel Kickert, Hakim Warrick, Chris Patton, Brad Hill,
Retained: Nate Tomlinson, Kyle Adnam, Todd Blanchfield, Tohi Smith-Milner, Owen Odigie, Majok Majok, Chris Goulding

Likely depth chart

Starter Interchange 1 Interchange 2
Point guard Casper Ware Nate Tomlinson
Shooting guard Chris Goulding Ramone Moore Kyle Adnam
Small forward Todd Blanchfield Tai Wesley Owen Odigie
Power forward David Andersen David Barlow Tohi Smith-Milner
Centre Majok Majok Devin Williams

Perth Wildcats

The Perth Wildcats are the defending premiers of the NBL, and the most successful club in the league’s history having won seven championships – three more than any other team. They will once again be one of the top teams in 2016-17, with Australian Boomers Damian Martin leading the way.

Squad Jaron Johnson (import), Greg Hire, Jameel McKay (import), Jarrod Kenny, Matthew Knight, Dexter Kernich-Drew, Angus Brandt, Casey Prather (import), Jesse Wagstaff, Shawn Redhage, Corban Wroe (development), Damian Martin (captain)
Coach: Trevor Gleeson

Ins: Angus Brandt, Jaron Johnson, Jameel McKay, Dexter Kernich-Drew, Lucas Walker
Outs: Tom Jervis, Jermaine Beal, Nate Jawai, Matthew Knight (2 months – injury)
Retained: Greg Hire, Jarrod Kenny, Matthew Knight, Casey Prather, Jesse Wagstaff, Shawn Redhage, Corban Wroe, Damian Martin

Likely depth chart

Starter Interchange 1 Interchange 2
Point guard Jarrod Kenny Corban Wroe Damian Martin – injured
Shooting guard Jaron Johnson Greg Hire Dexter Kirnrich-Drew
Small forward Casey Prather Jesse Wagstaff
Power forward Matthew Knight Shawn Redhage Lucas Walker
Centre Jameel McKay Angus Brandt

Last updated: 28 February, 2017